Optimum Nutrition Therapy
Food as Medicine – Food as Pleasure
Links & Reading

Digestive Wellness
Elizabeth Lipski MS., C.C.N 

The 20-Day Rejuvenation Diet Program
Jeffrey S Bland, Ph.D

The Optimum Nutrition Bible
Patrick Holford BA

The Healing Nutrients Within
Eric R. Braverman, M.D.

How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes
Michael Murry N.D. and Michael Lyon M.D

Adrenal Fatigu
ames L Wilson N.D., D.C., PhD

Total Wellness  
Joseph Pizzorno N.D.

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
Patrick Holford

The Diet Cure
Julia Ross MA

The Mood Cure  
Julia Ross

The Food Doctor  
Vicki Edgson and Ian Marber

How to Prevent and Treat Cancer
with Natural Medicine
Michael Murray N.D.; Joseph Pizzorno N.D.;
Tim Birdsall N.D., Paul Reilly M.D.

Why Zebras Don’t get  Ulcers  
Robert M Sapolsky

The Trouble with Testosterone   
Robert M Sapolsky

Before the Change  
Ann Lousie Gittleman  M.S.,C.N.S.

Optimum Nutrition
for Babies and Young Children
Lucy Burney

William Evans PhD, Irwin H Rostenberg M.D.

Fast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser

Fats That Heal and Fats That Kill  
Dr Udo Erasmus

Permanent Remission  
Robert Hass M.S.

Probiotic Nature’s Internal Healers  
Natasha Trenev

Antioxidants Against Cancer  
Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Smart Fats  
Michael A. Schmidt

The Zen of Eating  
Ronna Kabatznick Ph.D.

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book  
Shari Lieberman PhD and Nancy Bruning

Syndrome X
Gerald Reaven M.D.

Fighting Cancer from Within  
Martin L. Rossman, M.D/

Guided Imagery for Self Healing  
Martin L. Rossman M.D.

The Pause  
Lonnie Barbach PhD

7  Day Detox Miracle  
Peter Bennet N.D. and Stephen Barrie N.D.

One Bite at a Time  
Rebecca Katz with Marsha Tomassi and Mat Edelson

Our Stolen Future  
Colborn, Myers and Dumanoski

The Wisdom of Menopause  
Christine Northrup M.D.

Breast Cancer Prevnetion and Recovery
Suzannah Olivier

Dian Shepperton Mills and
Michael Vernon PhD, HCD

The Places that Scare You  
Pema Chodron

In Fitness and In Health
 Dr Phillip Maffetone

Questioning Chemotherapy  
Ralph W. Moss, PhD

After the Ecstasy the Laundry  
Jack Kornfield

A Path with Heart  
Jack Kornfield

Articles & Media

Future of Food
Deborah Koons Garcia's remarkable documentary film, an in-depth look at modern food production
and its future.

Supersize Me
Documentary film: 30 days eating only
McDonalds food.

Dealing with Depression
CBS News interview with Patrick Holford about treating depression with nutrition rather than meds
(QuickTime version)
Please allow some time for download.

The Price of Obesity
Excess weight and physical inactivity cost Californians tens of billions of dollars annually.

The role in prevention of chronic degenerative diseases.

San Deigo Union-Tribune article details role of inflammation in Alzheimer's and other diseases

Web Links

Metagenics Wellness Center  
Current articles and findings, assembled by one of the world's foremost nutritional supplement manufacturers.

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